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Outdoor Natural Light  Session

For me it’s not just about creating images, it’s about capturing beautiful memories, sparkle in kid's eyes, smile and  love ... Photos that remind you how you felt in that moment. 
These photos will be the foundation of your and your kid's memories, connecting to real location where they grew up especially if you are not staying in HK forever. 

Please read more details of the sessions: location & time options by clicking on the photos below:


Mini Family Session

HKD 950

30 minutes photo-session

10 (digital) PHOTOS


location: outdoor/studio

Family Session

HKD 1800

45 min photo-session

25 (digital) PHOTOS + 5 B&W 

IMAGES WITHIN 3 (working) DAYs

location: outdoor/studio

Life Style Session

HKD 2900 

90 min photo-session

50 (digital)PHOTOS + 10 B&W 

IMAGES WITHIN 3 (working) DAYs

location: outdoor/studio

Also as a Gift  Voucher! 

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