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Nature style photography (park or beach)

Photo-session takes place in any park or beach which is convenient for you. It's up to you if you prefer sand & water or trees & flowers - it all looks beautiful on the photos and there are even spots where we can have it all. :) 
If you want I can make suggestions of few locations which have sea, trees, flower areas,  sand and some rocks very close - so you can have many different beautiful backgrounds and also places which are not too packed on the weekends. Otherwise you can also suggest place you like or is close to you. It doesn't need to big at all, ideally we will have some nice grass, trees and flowers and with great light it will all look amazing. 
The best timing for photos is in the afternoon hours when we get beautiful  soft light just before the sun set (between 3.30pm - 6pm). 
Just Have a fun.

it's going to be great afternoon with a lot of fun (little bit of posing, but mostly just natural photos of your fun time together) and you will get a lot of beautiful photos for your family album!


Mini Family Session

HKD 950

10 (digital) PHOTOS

30 minutes photo-shooting


location: outdoor/studio

Family Session

HKD 1800

25 (digital) PHOTOS +5 B&W

45 min photo-shooting 


location: outdoor/studio

Life Style Session

HKD 2900

50 (digital)PHOTOS + 10 B&W

90 min photo-shooting 

IMAGES WITHIN 3 (working) DAYs

location: outdoor/studio

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