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newborn photography

how to get ready for the photo-shoot

I love to do natural photos of you having great time together,  but if you have any special requirements or photo samples you would like to have just let me know. 

When choosing clothes for the photo-shoot, Just imagine all of you on one photo with different backgrounds (indoor or outdoor)... From experience plain colors with no patterns look the best. It doesn't mean that all of you need to wear same color, but too many colors on you and on the backgrounds might look a bit distracting.
Less is more in this case. 
You can also choose few different outfits for kids if you want to have more options and also it's  sometimes handy for men to have a spare shirt or t-shir as it can get very hot in hk especially from May till September.

I will bring maternity dresses or cute baby outfits, wraps, accessories and other props for maternity & newborn sessions. Also feel free to prepare some other props you would like to have on the photos. 
Hong Kong  offers so many beautiful and interesting spots for the photography and  it's great to keep memory of Hong kong on the photos especially if you will move in the future. 
I like to see connections to real place on the photos  and it will be even more important for your kids later when looking on the photos to see real place where they grew up.
For these reasons, Most of my sessions take place outdoor in Hong Kong either in the city  or in the parks or beaches with natural light. We will discuss what's the best option for you, just let me know what type of photos you like. 
Newborn session takes place indoor in your house. family or maternity sessions can take place in your house if spacious and bright
The best natural soft light outdoor is in the afternoon, so I tend to schedule photo-sessions between 3pm - 6pm
or in the morning between
 8am -10am for city session (as there is less people in the city)
The best natural indoor light depends on position of your apartment/windows, so we will schedule it accordingly. 

Just Have a fun.
Family & Maternity  sessions: it's going to be great afternoon with a lot of fun (little bit of posing, but mostly just natural photos of your fun time together) and you will get a lot of beautiful photos for your family album!
NEWBORN SESSION: session takes little longer because we will need to plaN an  extra time for feeding baby, changing nappy  or clothes, or just make him/her happy..., but don't worry, just relax and enjoy every part of this. I will be there to help you and I don't  mind waiting or staying longer if needed to get the best baby photos.  We will all enjoy and result will be worth it. :)

Looking forward meeting you soon for a great fun photo-session you will enjoy  as much as photos !

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