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Indoor Newborn Session

newborn photo session 

It's so special to capture these precious first photos of  the parents and newborn babies... I love to do natural photos to capture the love and happiness when parents look at their babies. Looking at them is so amazing and inspirational that I love so much doing it over and over again. 

Best time  for newborn session is between 0 days and 21 days of baby.
Of course we can do baby photos anytime, but it's great to capture their early stage on photos with little fingers & details as memory how tiny they were and it's also much easier, because they sleep easily and that way we can have super cute newborn photos and poses. 

In this session I will do mix of  family photos, mom &baby, dad&baby, details of little feet, hands, fingers...and natural baby portraits too.
I can bring nice wraps, outfits, props and accessories for baby girl or boy, please prepare some of yours too.
This session takes place indoor at your house or apartment as that's probably easiest for you.
We can also do some outdoor photos if you are up for it and you have great spot nearby. 
Most important is timing. Ideally we plan photo session just after the feeding, so baby will be happy and sleepy.  newborn babies  sleep a lot, so if baby doesn't sleep at the beginning don't worry, she or he should sleep bit later. I will be there to help to settle baby. 
Just Have a fun.
This session takes little longer because we will need to plan extra time for feeding baby, changing nappy  or clothes, or just make him/her happy... don't worry, just relax and enjoy every part of this.   We will all enjoy and result will be worth it.


Mini Session

HKD 950

30 min photo-session

10 (digital) PHOTOS 


locations:your apt/studio

Newborn  Session

HKD 1800

1 hour photo-session

25 (digital) PHOTOS + 5 B&W 

IMAGES WITHIN 3 (working) DAYs

locations:your apt/studio 

Newborn & Family Session

HKD 2900

90 MIN photo-sESSION

50 (digital) PHOTOS + 10 B&W

IMAGES WITHIN 3 (working) DAYs

locations: your apt/studio

Also as a Gift  Voucher! 

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